Welcome to AppalFor

The essential goal of AppalFor is to collect, develop, discuss, and disseminate information on sustainable forestry online. Sustainable forestry may be defined as an approach to forest utilization and management that recognizes:

-- that human societies and economies exist within, and are dependent on, the natural ecosystem;
-- that the resources of the earth are finite;
-- that all organisms have a right to exist and share in the earth's bounty; and
-- that the present human generation must respect the rights and needs of future generations.

The main objective of sustainable forestry is to establish a strong land-ethic as the basis for the management and utilization of forests in Appalachia, and to use science, as moderated by the concepts of appropriate technology, to provide the forest commodities and amenities needed by society. AppalFor serves as a clearinghouse, providing the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. AppalFor is also functions as a network to alert individuals of specific threats to sustainable forestry, and may ultimately function as a vehicle to support cooperative responses to issues and situations.


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